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iOS Freelance Developer?

I'm Matteo, a contract iOS developer since 2008, I helped more than 20+ companies in building their B2C or B2B mobile applications.

I'm CoFounder of Boostcode a network of freelance iOS, Android and NodeJS developers.

📱 Mobile &

Backend Developer 💻

I love developing iOS mobile apps, I started in 2008 using Objective-C and then since my visit at WWDC in 2014 I started working with Swift from its first early release.

I think I managed to ship on the Apple Store and in Enterprise MDM more than 68 iOS applications for iPad and iPhone in the last few years.

In some projects I managed to develop also the backend, developing RESTful API solutions built on top of PHP and NodeJS.

My experience with NodeJS is pretty wide, I managed to develop also scripts in order to optimize workflows inside company mixing third party software and hardware (e.g. scanner, printers, arduino).

I also started supporting open source projects like Express.JS and IBM LoopBack being a Github contributor.

I also love to share my projects and knowledge, for this reason I always love to create new open source project on Github or be a speaker during mobile and backed development conferences.

I'm, finally, the creator of Awesome Swift repository on Github. A list of interesting and useful Swift libraries, I also developed a client iOS application that allow you to quick navigate and manage the most interesting repositories.